You will find us situated in the heart of the “Jordaan”.

A picturesque neighbourhood, ìn the centre of Amsterdam, where you can find all kinds of small shops to delight your senses.
Our shop is often visited by a mix of locals and tourists, which gives it an open and friendly atmosphere.

Here we serve you a good cup of coffee, tea, a variety of fruity beverages and also warm chocolate with cream.
And you certainly have to try our most delicious home made chocolate chip cookies.
The Paradox is an easy place in an ambient, friendly and artistic environment, where you can sit back and relax or can have a nice converstation.
Nice and quiet in the morning to begin your day with, with having breakfast and reading the latest newspapers.
We also have different games you can play like backgammon, chess, cards and go.

A lot of artists are coming here, making it a creative place full with inspiration. We are also holding art exhibitions from time to time.

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