How do you roll a joint?

A short guide to everything you wanted to know about cannabis, and maybe some things you didn’t know!

How do you roll a joint?

A short guide to everything you wanted to know about cannabis, and maybe some things you didn’t know!



How do you roll a joint?

5 simple steps to rolling a perfect joint

1. The Mix

The mix is perhaps the most important part of the joint.
Make sure the consistency is even. Remove any lumps or sticks.
If you are rolling a pure-weed joint, make sure your material is absolutely dry.

2. Shape

The shape of the joint is determined by how you distribute the mix over the papers. Use long papers and put slightly more on the right, than the left, leaving a little space at the left side for step3
Most Joints are cone-shaped. Cones tend to smoke more smoothly than straight joints but are slightly harder to roll.

3. The Roach

Joints usually don’t have a filter like a cigarette does. A Joint filter is more like a mouth piece.
Joint Filters are made of thin cardboard and roll it up fairly tightly.
Insert it at the left side of your mix and make sure there is no gap.

4. Roll it

This can be the tricky part. Pick everything up and start rolling gentle in the middle, rolling outward.
Let your thumbs do most of the work and give support and pressure with your forefingers, keep pushing the mix in at the right side so it doesn’t fall out
You should start to feel the mix firming inside the paper.

5. Seal it

When you have an even roll, tuck down the facing paper edge with the tips of your thumbs, wrap the excess paper around the joint, wet the glue and seal it.

Smoke it

The best joints are firm but not so tight you have to bust a lung drawing smoke.
Loose joints taste rough, burn too fast and have a nasty habit of setting fire to clothing and furniture.

If you need any help rolling your joint, ask one of our bud-tenders to help you out.


Most people who consume cannabis smoke it. But there are other ways of using it


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