What gear should you use for different consumption methods?


Smoking a joint, blunt, or spliff: If rolling is more your style, you’ll need your preferred rolling papers or blunt wrap. Look out for chemical free papers made from natural fibers. For those who prefer to keep their hands clean or are a big fingers and thumbs, you could purchase a rolling tray or rolling machine.

Smoking a pipe: Common pipes include glass spoons, bubblers, and other handheld items. Pipes come in a variety of materials, it’s generally best to stick with glass, as this tends to be the easiest to clean, they are safe and can be made from a visually striking material.

Using a vape pen: If you prefer consuming cannabis with a vape pen, you will need two main components: a battery and a cartridge containing cannabis oil. This process essentially vaporizes the oil and is small and convenient

Smoking a bong: If you want to soften the smoke that comes from combusting flower buds, a bong could be the right option ofor you. Some bongs come with additional components such as a specialty bowl, a downstem with a percolator, an ice pinch, or other features that can make the consumption experience more fun or enjoyable.

Smoking a one-hitter: This approach requires a small simple one-hitter pipe and in most cases, an accompanying dugout, which is a compact storage device for both your one-hitter pipe and your bud.

Vaporizing flower: To vaporize flower buds, you need a flower-compatible vaporizer. These usually come as either small handheld vaporizers or larger, more tabletop vaporizers that are stationary.

Dabbing concentrates: If you plan on dabbing, you will need to purchase a ‘dab rig’, which includes a water pipe and usually a number of specific components such as nails, domes, blowtorches and e-nails

Smoking flowers remains very popular with many cannabis consumers. It’s also common to vaporize flower buds and concentrates. Each method requires different gear. Similarly, edibles, concentrates, drinkables, tinctures and topical often require their own unique set of equipment.